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[Jeanie and Doug] Things have certainly changed since the last update on this page. I always think that if people are going to have a web page for themselves that at least they should have a picture of themselves. This most recent digital picture is of my wife Jeanie and me. We got married and now live in Campbell, CA. We also live with our four "kids" Stinky, Cow , Bunny Foo-foo, and Baby (pictured below).

I used to work for a software engineer company called Handspring. They made handheld computers like the Visor and "communicators" (handheld computers with cell phones built in) like the Treo. I worked for Handspring for over 3 years, right after I graduated from college. After Handspring I worked for Palm, I worked there for 7 years.

Currently I work for Vitamin D. The company was founded in 2007 to develop solutions for the next generation of intelligent computing. The goal is to combine elegant user interface design with artificial intelligence to simplify people's lives. We believe that technology does not have to be frustrating. Intelligent computing, combined with thoughtful design, can create solutions that are powerful yet invisible.

Before working for Handspring, I was a student at Stanford University studying Computer Science. At Stanford I earned my BS and my MS. While at Stanford, I was involved in a number of mostly computer related activities (yes, I'm a computer geek--I admit it). I was part of the excellent section leading program at Stanford in which undergraduates are involved in teaching the introduction to computer science class. I also was fortunate enough to teach an Assembly Language Programming class a few times.

Our kitties

[Stinky] [Cow] Stinky and Cow
[Bunny] [Baby] Bunny and Baby

Links to Friends and Family

I have a few friends with web presences. Actually, it's not too many now that most of them have graduated from college and their old accounts have expired. Here are ones I could find (if I'm missing someone's page, let me know):


I don't spend a whole lot of time these days on non-work computer projects. However, there are still a few things that I do.

Old Projects

These are projects that I used to work on, but I've kinda given up on.

Misc. Links

I really don't have too many links here, since I'm pretty bad about keeping them up to date.

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